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Federal Court Allows S.C. Mother’s Lawsuit To Proceed Against Government-Sponsored Religious Discrimination In Foster Care

“Aimee Maddonna and her family wanted to help some of the nearly 5,000 children in foster care in South Carolina. Due to government-funded religious discrimination, she was denied that opportunity. So she’s helping children who have been denied the chance to find loving homes another way – by challenging these unconstitutional state and federal policies that allow taxpayer-funded foster care agencies who are acting on behalf of the state to reject qualified parents because of their religion," said AU Senior Litigation Counsel Kenneth Upton

Americans United Elicits Apology From Arizona School District That Turned Staff Event Into Christian Worship Service

"We applaud Winslow Unified’s educators, who understand their constitutional rights to religious freedom and bravely came forward when those rights were violated by their employer," said AU Senior Litigation Counsel Kenneth Upton. "This burden should not have been placed on them as they were already under the strain of preparing for a new school year amid the coronavirus pandemic."

Americans United Demands Apology From Arizona School District That Turned Staff Event Into Christian Worship Service

"For a public school district to incorporate religious activities into an official district event is a clear violation of the Constitution,” said Kenneth Upton, Senior Litigation Counsel for Americans United. “Our country’s educators are already under tremendous pressure as they begin an unprecedented new school year amid the coronavirus pandemic. That stress should not be compounded by requiring employees to participate in religious activities and proselytization at work.”

Americans United Mourns The Death Of U.S. Rep. John Lewis, A Champion Of Civil Rights And Religious Freedom

“Rep. Lewis’ significance in American history can’t be overstated," said AU CEO Rachel Laser. "He cemented his legacy as an intersectional civil rights icon who worked tirelessly to ensure that every American is treated equally regardless of the color of their skin, who they love or what they believe. We thank him for including church-state separation and religious freedom among the important issues he championed, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.”

Supreme Court Decision In Birth Control Cases Undermines Both Religious And Reproductive Freedom

“Today the Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on the Trump administration’s exploitation of religious freedom at the expense of birth control coverage for workers, students and their families," AU CEO Rachel Laser said. "It’s 2020: We should not have to say again that birth control is essential to people’s health and equality. Religious freedom includes the right to believe as you see fit, not to impose your beliefs on or discriminate against others."

Supreme Court’s Ministerial Exception Decision Invites Religious Schools To Discriminate Against Teachers

“Houses of worship and religious schools get to decide religious matters without government intrusion, but they shouldn’t get a free pass to fire all educators based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability and other categories for which discrimination is legally forbidden," CEO Rachel Laser said. "The ministerial exception is meant to apply only to genuine faith leaders."


Colorado Parolee Tells Federal Appeals Court That He Shouldn’t Have Been Jailed For Refusing To Attend Worship Services

“Mark Janny’s parole officer teamed up with shelter administrators to coerce Mark into practicing a faith that is not his own. And when Mark refused to submit to this proselytization, his parole officer retaliated by throwing Mark back in jail. Not only did these actions violate Mark’s religious freedom, but they also represent an alarming example of authority figures taking advantage of a vulnerable man," said Alex Luchenitser, AU's associate legal director.


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