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“Christian Nationalism: American Democracy’s Looming Threat” Exclusive Webinar Discussion


The separation of church and state allows us to come together, despite our differences, to forge a stronger democracy. It protects freedom and equality for all. But emboldened Christian Nationalists have launched a frenzied assault on this foundational principle in their crusade to force everyone to live by their beliefs. Watch this timely discussion about why the looming threat of Christian Nationalism means that it has never been more crucial to uphold church-state separation and protect our democracy.


SCOTUS Virtual Town Hall: Carson v. Makin

  Rachel Laser

AU President and CEO Rachel Laser moderated a panel discussion on the potential impact to church-state separation and public education if the Supreme Court forces Maine taxpayers to fund private religious education. Speakers included Randi Weingarten, president of the National Federation of Teachers; Holly Hollman, BJC general counsel and associate executive director; and Richard B. Katskee, vice president and legal director at Americans United. With introductions from Brian Silva, AU's vice president of outreach & engagement.


SCOTUS Virtual Town Hall: Dobbs v. Jackson

  Alicia Johnson

AU National Organizer and Student Network Manager Alicia Johnson moderated a panel discussion about the future of abortion access, reproductive freedom and church-state separation following oral arguments in the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, involving Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban. Speakers included Alice Wang, a staff attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Michelle Colon of the abortion advocacy organization SHERo Mississippi. With introductions from Brian Silva, AU's vice president of outreach & engagement.

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