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Supreme Court Continues To Promote Religious Privilege Over Religious Freedom And Public Health  

“It is alarming that this Supreme Court continues to ignore scientists and public health experts – not to mention our Constitution – in order to grant religious privilege to a select few at the expense of the health and safety of everyone else. Religious freedom is meant to be a shield that protects all of us, not a sword used to harm others," said Americans United CEO Rachel Laser.

Americans United Applauds President Biden’s Appointment Of Melissa Rogers To Lead The White House Office Of Faith-Based And Neighborhood Partnerships

“We applaud President Biden for choosing Melissa Rogers to, once again, run the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and to serve in a new role, Senior Advisor on Faith and Public Policy," said AU CEO Rachel Laser. "Rogers’ mastery of church-state law and policy and her track record of finding shared values make her exceedingly qualified for both positions."

Americans United Calls For President Biden To Endorse Church-State Separation During National Prayer Breakfast

“For four years, we watched Donald Trump pander to white Christian nationalists and unveil cruel policies that misused religious freedom to override critical civil rights protections, health care access and protections for people who use social services. We hope that at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Joe Biden chooses a new course," said Americans United CEO Rachel Laser.

Americans United Applauds President Biden For Ending Global Gag Rule, Supporting Reproductive And Religious Freedom

“We at Americans United for Separation of Church and State applaud President Joe Biden for ending the dangerous global gag rule and prioritizing the health and reproductive freedom of people all around the world," said AU CEO Rachel Laser. "“When former President Trump had reinstated the global gag rule, he was imposing the viewpoint of his religious extremist base onto U.S. foreign policy and undermining our foundational American value of religious freedom."

Brevard County, Fla., Commissioners Hear First Secular Invocation After Ending Selection Practice That Discriminated Based On Religion

“David Williamson set a high standard that we hope is emulated by future invocation speakers, in Brevard County and throughout America: He offered words of encouragement by focusing on the shared values that unite our communities," said Alex J. Luchenitser, AU's associate vice president and associate legal director. "Elected officials across the country should follow the wise example Brevard County has now set by ensuring that no one is denied an opportunity to solemnize governmental meetings because of their beliefs about religion.”

Americans United Celebrates President Biden’s Embrace Of Diversity, Demonstrated Again By Ending Trump’s Trans Military Ban

“We at Americans United for Separation of Church and State welcome President Joe Biden’s commitment to embracing the diversity that makes our nation strong," said Rachel Laser, president and CEO of AU. "He demonstrated this commitment today with his executive order repealing Trump’s cruel and unwise ban on transgender people serving in our military, which was spurred by Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Council. Layer by layer, the Biden-Harris administration is taking steps to remove the stain of hatred, division and discrimination left by the previous administration."

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