The Separation of Church and State

A major documentary on Christian Nationalism is coming out soon – and you can get a sneak peek at this AU webinar

  Rob Boston

Next month, a major documentary exposing the threat of Christian Nationalism, “God & Country,” will be released in theaters nationwide – and you can get a preview at a special event hosted by Americans United.

“God & Country” hits select theaters Feb. 16. But three days before the launch, Americans United is hosting a webinar featuring several people who are involved with the film.

Documentary features AU experts

Andrew L. Seidel, AU’s vice president of strategic communications, and I both appear in the documentary. We’ll be taking part in the webinar along with New York Times bestselling author and historian Jemar Tisby and Katherine Stewart, author of The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism, upon which “God & Country” is based.

Dan Partland, director of “God & Country,” will also participate, and AU President and CEO Rachel Laser will host and share clips from an interview she did with actor/filmmaker Rob Reiner, the documentary’s producer.

This free, virtual event will include clips from “God & Country” and an audience Q&A.

Christians assail Christian Nationalism

One of the best things about “God & Country” is the inclusion of Christian voices. Several of the experts interviewed for the film are Christian, and they make it clear that Christian Nationalism is a corruption of that faith. They offer a powerful message that all Americans need to hear.

Sign up for this special Feb. 13 webinar today! To learn more about “God & Country” visit the documentary’s website and check out this interview with Partland from the February issue of Church & State.


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