Rutan-Ram v. Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

Last modified 2022.04.08

  • Status Ongoing
  • Type Counsel
  • Court State Court
  • Issues Discrimination in Name of Religion, Discrimination in Social Services, Foster Care Discrimination, Taxpayer Funding of Religion, Why People of Faith Support Church-State Separation

Case Documents

When Elizabeth and Gabriel Rutan-Ram, a couple in Knox County, Tennessee, discovered that they could not have biological children of their own, they explored options to foster and adopt a child and identified a child with a disability whom they hoped to bring into their family. But before they could do so, Elizabeth and Gabriel had to complete a foster-parent training program and receive a home-study certification.

The Rutan-Rams turned to Holston United Methodist Home for Children to complete these requirements. Holston, a child-placing agency that receives funding from the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services for its work with current and prospective foster parents, initially told Elizabeth and Gabriel that it would help them. But then Holston informed Elizabeth and Gabriel that it would not serve them because, as Jews, Elizabeth and Gabriel were not of Holston’s preferred (Christian) faith. As a result, Elizabeth and Gabriel were not able to foster or adopt the child they had identified.

Holston’s discrimination is explicitly approved by a Tennessee law that authorizes child-placing agencies to deny services based on the agencies’ religious policies—even if the services are funded by state money. Americans United and our cocounsel Kramer Law Center are representing Elizabeth and Gabriel, alongside six other Tennessee taxpayers, in a lawsuit challenging this statute. The lawsuit, filed in January 2022, argues that the statute and the state’s funding of Holston violate the religious-freedom and equal-protection guarantees of the Tennessee Constitution. We are asking the court to declare the statute unconstitutional and to prohibit the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services from continuing to fund Holston so long as Holston continues to deny state-funded services to current or prospective foster parents based on religious belief. No family—and no child—should be denied the opportunity to create or enter into a loving, stable home because of religious discrimination.

On March 9, 2022, the Department of Children’s Services filed a motion to dismiss the case, arguing that none of the plaintiffs have the right to bring the lawsuit. We filed a brief opposing this motion on April 8, 2022. On the same day, we also filed an amended complaint providing more details about the harms that the challenged statute and the Department’s funding of Holston inflict on Elizabeth, Gabriel, and the other plaintiffs.


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