Amy Couch

Director of Digital Communications


Amy Couch is the Digital Communications Manager for Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Amy received a B.A. in Philosophy and Classics from the University of Tulsa and a M.A. in Political Science from Fordham University. An ex-evangelical and recovered conversion therapy recipient, Amy has spent her career advocating for church-state separation, human rights, and social justice. She is also an active member of the disability community and has led parent trainings and advocacy groups on inclusion, education, and human rights for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Amy volunteers for a local animal rescue in Northern Virginia and lives in Maryland with her wife, their four children, and their children’s two hamsters, three dogs, and five guinea pigs.


AU calls out leaked supreme court opinion overturning abortion rights as a religious extremist assault on our democracy

"The end of Roe is just the beginning. Next on the hit list are a broad array of protections for personal liberty."—Rachel Laser, AU's CEO and President

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