Exposing the Shadow Network

Organizations undermining church-state separation

Powerful. Vast. Influential. The Shadow Network is a billion-dollar, clandestine web of Christian Nationalist organizations, conservative billionaires, and powerful political allies at all levels of government. They are working together to upend democracy and equality by undermining the separation of church and state.

The powerbrokers at the center of this web handpick Supreme Court justices, engineer cases for those justices to decide, and craft alternative facts or ‘deceitful narratives’ for the media and justices to use when discussing these legal controversies. They stalk statehouses and other halls of power to advance policies and legislation that will impose their beliefs on everyone else. Their goal is an officially Christian nation, and nothing is safe, including our democracy.

AU’s ‘Shadow Network’ series takes a closer look at the cogs in this lucrative, clandestine machine—their public ties, funding, cases and connections so everyone can better understand just what we’re up against.

The separation of church and state protects everyone’s right to live as themselves and believe, or not believe, as they choose.

We must stop these white Christian Nationalist organizations from destroying our democracy.

Religious extremists are not done. They’re looking to impose extreme, regressive policies fueled by one narrow religious viewpoint on all of us. We are fighting back. Rachel Laser, AU President and CEO

Americans United is fighting corruption, dark money, and an overfunded crusade against the separation of church and state. We need your support.

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