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Ky. Considers Official Day For Student Prayer

  Rokia Hassanein

Kentucky’s House of Representatives passed a bill, HB 40, to call on Kentuckians, including students, to pray on a “Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students.”

At the time this edition of Church & State went to press, the bill had moved on to the state Senate for approval. Americans United urged its members, sup­porters and activists in Kentucky to take action by urging their state senator to vote no on HB 40.

“Religious freedom is a fundamental right, and all Kentuckians, including students, have the right to choose to pray on their own. But the legislature shouldn’t tell students, or residents, whether and when to pray,” AU wrote.

For two years, Ky. Gov. Matt Bevin (R) has declared the last Wednesday in September a day of prayer for stu­dents across the state.

Americans United pointed out that when the gov­ernment promotes prayer, it excludes many Ameri­cans and make them feel like outsiders in their own com­munities.


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