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Register Now For Americans United’s Summit For Religious Freedom!

  Register Now For Americans United’s Summit For Religious Freedom!

Here’s some exciting news: Registration is now open for the Summit for Religious Freedom (SRF), Americans United’s in-person and virtual conference April 22-24, 2023.

The Summit will pull together allies and defenders of religious freedom to combat threats to separation of church and state. It will be a powerful response to Christian nationalists and their extremist political allies who’ve launched a coordinated campaign to force us to all live by their narrow, regressive religious beliefs.

SRF will be a collaborative event, and many organizations from religious, secular and public policy communities will partner with us. It will be concurrent: You can attend in person in Washington, D.C., for the full program or join a curated selection of sessions and activities virtually. We want this event to be accessible to all! SRF is also continuous. Not only will you get to participate in the April conference, but the Summit will be buttressed by a series of virtual events that take place before the April gathering. (We’ll have more information soon about the first virtual webinar on Nov. 17, 2022.)

Is SRF for you? Yes! As an Americans United member or supporter, you intuitively understand that there can be no true religious freedom without the protective wall of separation between church and state. That wall is under assault, and we’re going to rebuild it. Through an impressive lineup of speakers and activities, SRF will teach you how.

Here’s more good news! Register before Nov. 21 to receive a special early-bird discount. And if you’re an AU member, you should have received an email invite for a special offer (check your spam or contact us if not).

You won’t want to miss this event! To learn more about the Summit for Religious Freedom, including the schedule of events, scholarship opportunities and more, visit

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