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AU Student Contest high school and college video winners

  AU Student Contest high school and college video winners

Editor’s Note: This week, “The Wall of Separation” blog is featuring the essays and videos submitted by the winners of Americans United’s 2023 AU Student Contest, which asked high school and college students to reflect on their vision for church-state separation. Submissions do not necessarily reflect the views of Americans United.

First-Place High School Video Winner: Hannah Kamseuh of Hershey, Pennsylvania

First-Place College Video Winner: Emily Ciulla of Peoria, Arizona

Second-Place High School Video Winner: Lyric Williams of Lake Orion, Michigan

Second-Place College Video Winner: London Cobb of Laurel, Maryland

Third-Place High School Video Winner: Devin Huynh of Gardena, California

Third-Place College Video Winner: Patience Wallace of North Chesterfield, Virginia


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