Religious and Racial Equality

Election Day Is Here – Vote!

  Rob Boston

This is it! Election Day is here. All elections are important, but this one has been called the most consequential in the lifetimes of most Americans – and that’s not hyperbole.

In a very real sense, your basic rights are on the ballot. The Constitution itself is on the ballot. Justice and equality are on the ballot. Vote like your rights and the rights of your family and friends are at stake – because they are.

Tens of millions of Americans have already voted. If you are among them, thank you! If not and you’re eligible, please get out today and vote. Remember, nothing less than your religious freedom may be on the line. And while the race for president has tended to monopolize the media, remember that every seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is up, 35 U.S. Senate races will be decided and 11 states and two U.S. territories will elect governors. Ballots will feature a host of state and local offices and ballot measures.

If you’re not sure where you can vote, this site will tell you.

The pundits and prognosticators have had their say. Now it all comes down to you.

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