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President Joe Biden Is Off To A Great Start – Let’s Keep The Momentum Going

  Rob Boston

President Joe Biden got right to work after his inauguration yesterday. Biden signed a stack of executive orders undoing misguided policies put in place by the Trump administration. Some of these new orders will buttress church-state separation.

First and foremost, Biden revoked Trump’s appalling and discriminatory Muslim Ban. For four years, this cruel policy has been a stain on our nation. As Americans United President and CEO Rachel Laser noted yesterday, “President Biden’s swift action to end the Muslim and African Ban, which was driven by clear hostility toward Muslims and their faith, rights a terrible wrong. It is a crucial first step toward reuniting families and demonstrating President Biden’s commitment to protecting the rights of religious minorities. We look forward to a government that will protect everyone’s religious freedom and our nation’s unfulfilled vision of equality and inclusion for all.” 

Biden also signed two orders that boost LGBTQ rights. One order reverses a Trump administration policy and ensures that the federal government does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Another nullifies a Trump policy that was designed to prevent federal agencies from sponsoring diversity and inclusion training.

And here’s more good news: Biden also signed an order doing away with the 1776 Commission, an attempt by Trump and his allies to rewrite American history with a Christian nationalist slant. As we noted two days ago, the commission’s report, which downplayed the effect of slavery on American society and attacked secular government, had been criticized by mainstream historians.

Biden is off to a great start, but there’s plenty more work for him – and for you. Please help Americans United get word to Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris that protecting religious freedom should be a top priority for their administration. You can read more AU’s plans in our “Agenda to Restore & Protect Religious Freedom.”

Photo: President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, walk through the U.S. Capitol. Screenshot from CNBC.



Americans United & the National Women’s Law Center file suit to challenge Missouri’s abortion bans.

Abortion bans violate the separation of church and state. Americans United and the National Women’s Law Center—the leading experts in religious freedom and gender justice—have joined forces with thirteen clergy from six faith traditions to challenge Missouri’s abortion bans as unconstitutionally imposing one narrow religious doctrine on everyone.

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