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An important documentary about Christian Nationalism is now available to stream

  Rob Boston

During the Summit for Religious Freedom (SRF) in April, attendees had the chance to watch an in important new documentary about Christian Nationalism called “Bad Faith.” Now you can see it, too – the film is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Tubi and other platforms.

Religion News Service (RNS) recently ran a Q&A with Stephen Ujlaki, one of the producers of “Bad Faith.” Ujlaki, who took part in a panel discussion about the film during SRF, speaks bluntly. Asked by RNS if Christian Nationalism’s goal is fascism, he replied, “Yes. It’s pure fascism. It’s pure power. They have been wanting and plotting the same thing for 40-plus years. They were incredibly adept at concealing what their motives were. You had to decode what they were saying. When they were talking about re-creating the kingdom of God on Earth, if you thought they were talking about something theological and spiritual, you would be mistaken. They were talking about replacing democracy with theocracy.”

Dissecting the origins of Christian Nationalism

“Bad Faith” provides not only a strong counterpoint to Christian Nationalism, but it also gives a wealth of information about the history of this theocratic movement. This is vital context for understanding how Christian Nationalism has grown in power – and how we can defeat it.

“Bad Faith” is a disturbing film, but it’s also a necessary one. You can learn more about the documentary here. Check it out – and tell your friends to tune in, too.

Photo: Stephen Ujlaki speaks during the Summit for Religious Freedom.


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