Faith Leaders United is a diverse network of faith leaders from across the United States dedicated to protecting religious freedom for all people, while also ensuring that religion is not used to harm others.


We believe that religion should lift up, protect and serve others. As faith leaders, we have all seen firsthand the pain and division that is caused when some seek to use religion to discriminate or impose their particular religious beliefs on others.

Faith Leaders United is comprised of faith leaders working to create a national climate where religion is never used as an excuse to deny the advances in LGBTQ rights, women’s equality, access to comprehensive reproductive health, and racial justice.

Let’s work together in this critical effort to advocate for social justice, human dignity, and religious freedom for all. I hope that you will commit to joining us. 

~ Sabrina E. Dent, Senior Faith Adviser


Take the Faith Leader Pledge

If you are a faith leader and are passionate about working for religious freedom for all people, while ensuring religion is not being used to harm or discriminate against others, then we would love to have you join our Faith Leaders United network, which unites people from all religious backgrounds from all over the country. 


Register for the Summer Series for Seminarians

This virtual education series is designed for seminarians to gain a deeper understanding of religious freedom and church-state separation. Please join us in four individual training sessions (June 8 - June 29, 2021) that focus on the historical, legal, and practical ways to engage in advocacy work on religious freedom issues!

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