If you are a person of faith and are passionate about working for religious liberty for all people, while ensuring religion is not being used to harm or discriminate against others then we would love to have you join our Faith Leaders United network which has people from all religious backgrounds from all over the country.  

Check out some of what faith leaders are doing to protect religious liberty:

In Tennessee, where FLU helped start a network of pastors to support public education and ensure that vouchers do not take away necessary funding. Read this Op-Ed In Knox Tennessee Today

In Alabama: Op-Ed In The Anniston Star

In Kentucky: Letter To The Editor In The Lexington Herald Leader

Progressive people of faith must be heard in the national dialogue about the separation of church and state. Where church and government intersect legislatively, politically and in the public square, it is essential that all voices, both religious and secular, be included in the discussion. Ever since our founding in 1947 we have cultivated this as a core part of our vision. 

Faith Leaders United is committed to engaging people of faith and religious leaders who are concerned about the role of religion in our political and public lives. Please join us and let’s build a movement to ensure that religion is not used to harm or discriminate!


Op-Ed: Invitations to Iftar — Religion News Service   "Growing up as an evangelical Christian, I also understand why it’s difficult for people who don’t know any Muslims to learn about a group of Americans who pray and worship God in ways different from their own."