2023 Student Contest Winners

At Americans United, we envision a nation where we are all free to believe or not believe as we choose, where our laws don’t allow anyone to use their beliefs to harm others, and where we can come together as equals to build a stronger democracy.

In this year’s Student Contest, we asked high school and college students to submit a piece of original writing or an original video to express their vision for church-state separation.

What would happen if we secured separation of church and state in the United States, and all people were able to live as themselves and believe as they choose?

Here are the winning high school submissions

Here are the winning college submissions


We’re suing to stop Christian Nationalists from creating religious public charter schools

Okla. is violating the separation of church and state by creating the nation’s 1st religious charter school. If we don’t stop them, religious public schools like this could appear in states around the country. Join the fight:

Join the Fight