One Nation, All Beliefs

The separation of church and state protects us all.

Let’s keep it that way.


Church-state separation is the foundation of religious freedom in the United States. Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, this principle forms the backbone of many fundamental rights we rely on today: reproductive freedom, LGBTQ equality, access to inclusive public education, and much more. But these bedrock American values are increasingly threatened by religious extremists who want to impose their narrow beliefs on us all.

To restore and strengthen this pillar of American democracy, we recommit to the separation of church and state.

We Pledge To:

Proudly champion separation of church and state as a foundational principle of the United States, guaranteed by our Constitution.

Protect the rights of LGBTQ people against state-sanctioned religious discrimination so we can all live and love freely and openly without fear of persecution.

Defend and restore the right to reproductive freedom and safe, legal abortion care from attacks by religious extremists, wherever they arise.

Ensure public education welcomes everyone and respects the religious freedom of all students, and that public funds support public schools, not private religious institutions.

Challenge the shadow network of religious extremists that threatens our democracy, and reclaim the religious freedom that our Republic was created to secure.

Safeguard vulnerable communities against state-sanctioned discrimination, racism, and bigotry too often carried out in the name of religion.

Oppose government attempts to fund, sponsor, or promote religion, and government actions that favor one religion over the equality of all or religion over non-religion.

Above all, we pledge to keep church and state separate.

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We’re pledging to keep church and state separate. Join us.

Church-state separation is the foundation of religious freedom in the United States, protecting many of our most fundamental rights: LGBTQ equality, reproductive freedom, inclusive public education, and more. Now, those freedoms are under threat. Join our movement and pledge to uphold church-state separation.