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Make the fight for religious freedom a personal priority by supporting AU at a leadership level.

President’s Circle members make significant investments in AU’s ability to combat religious extremist organizations. We have the Constitution and popular opinion on our side and your support ensures we are a force to be reckoned with.

I philanthropically support many organizations for a variety of reasons, but AU is one of the few at the top of my list given its uniqueness and effectiveness in directing humankind onward and upward. Barbara J. Meislin “The Purple Lady,” President’s Circle member since 2001


Your annual gift of $10,000 or more puts you front-and-center in the important work to advance AU’s mission. We are so grateful for the leadership support of our loyal President’s Circle donors. We offer the benefits listed below as gestures of our thanks for your commitment and generosity to our cause.

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  • Comprehensive quarterly briefings about impact on AU’s work in courts, legislatures, and the public square
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  • Recognition in our annual report
  • Interact with AU staff and leadership through a dedicated liaison

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Not on our watch, Governor Landry!

Help AU fight Christian Nationalism in Louisiana

Louisiana's new Ten Commandments Law violates the separation of church and state and is blatantly unconstitutional. Politicians have no business imposing their preferred religious doctrine on students and families in public schools.

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