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Horror Flick: Two Thumbs Down For Ben Stein's Creationism Film

The Family Research Council (FRC) yesterday hosted a sneak-peak of Ben Stein's new documentary, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed."

At this event, former George Mason University professor Caroline Crocker told of the "persecution" that "Darwin doubters" allegedly face in academia. Professors are being fired and students punished for questioning the theory of evolution, she said. Read more

As The ORU Turns: TV Preacher's University Faces Mounting Accusations Of Misdeeds

Oral Roberts University (ORU), which has a stated mission that includes a "commitment to the Christian faith," continues to garner national attention for allegations of improper politicking and a slew of other misdeeds that are befitting of a daytime soap drama. Read more

Skewed Science: Florida School Board Mulls 'Intelligent Design'

The state of Florida, in an admirable attempt to lurch into the 21st century, is considering adopting new science standards that actually mention the word "evolution."

Current standards talk about "biological changes over time." The new standards, if adopted in January, will promote evolution as one of several key ideas in science that students need to learn. Read more

Abstaining From An Ineffective Approach: Virginia Governor Says No More Tax Funds For Religious Right Sex Education

People often ask if the Religious Right is really affecting public policy in America. The rise of "faith-based" initiatives, efforts to stymie stem-cell research, the appointment of federal judges hostile to church-state separation and various efforts to replace the teaching of evolution with forms of creationism in public schools provide a clear answer: Yes.

But there's another area of public policy that has been dramatically affected by the Religious Right that people tend to overlook: sex education programs. Read more

Thanksgiving, 2007: What I'm Thankful For – Besides The Turkey And Dressing

When you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner today, do you plan to say grace?

If so, what religious tradition will the prayer come from? Will it be a blessing from the Jewish, Muslim or Hindu faiths? Will it be Catholic, Mormon or one of the infinite varieties of Protestant denominations?

Maybe you won't offer a prayer at all, instead simply thanking the cook for the bounteous meal set before you rather than a deity of any sort.

The choice – in America – is yours. Read more

Unplug The Christmas Tree?: TV Preacher Robertson Says Familiar Holiday Symbol Isn't Worth The Fuss

Has TV preacher Pat Robertson joined the "War on Christmas"?

Probably not. But last week, Robertson had the temerity to point out that Christmas trees really aren't very Christian and recommended that not a lot of time be spent defending them. Speaking on his "700 Club" show Nov. 15, Robertson pointed out that Christmas trees "come from Teutonic Paganism" and "are not an integral part of Christianity." Read more

The Company They Keep: Coral Ridge Reaches Out To Christian Reconstructionist Fringe

Most public figures don't like being tagged as radical or situated on the fringes of the nation's political landscape. The same stands mostly true for plenty of the nation's Religious Right honchos.

When they are accused of keeping company with far out - I mean, really far out -- theocratic thinkers, they shout bloody murder. They whine and bellyache over those associations and accuse those of us who bring them up of being unfair or duplicitous. They try to change the subject to attacking those who notice the fringe ties in an effort to divert us from observing the obvious. Read more

Quiet Resolve: Judge Casts Wary Eye On Illinois Moment-Of-Silence Law

Silence, the old saying goes, is golden.

Except when it isn't. A federal district court in Illinois ruled yesterday that the state's mandatory moment of silence in public schools must not be enforced until questions about its constitutionality are resolved.

Earlier this year, the legislature overwhelmingly passed the measure. Proponents denied that the bill was intended to advance religion, but it clearly was. Read more