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  • Muslim student
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    The Trickle-Down Effect Of Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

    To no surprise during the age of Trump, anti-Muslim and xenophobic attacks have factored in to several elections around the country.
  • Tony Perkins
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    Religious Right Group Plans To Run Over Election Law With A Bus

    President Donald Trump has been claiming that he did away with the Johnson Amendment, but this yet another of his falsehoods. He issued an executive order full of verbiage that didn’t really do anything. The Johnson Amendment is a federal law. It would take an act of Congress to overturn or modify it.
  • Kenai Peninsula Assembly members praying during a meeting
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    Alaska Superior Court Calls Out Kenai’s Discriminatory Invocation Policy

    Another court delivered a victory this week for those striving to make public meetings more inclusive to people of all religions and the nonreligious: The Alaska Superior Court ruled that Kenai Peninsula Borough is violating the state constitution’s religious freedom protections by restricting the faith traditions from which residents may offer invocations during public meetings.
  • Press Release

    Tali Israeli Joins Americans United As Director Of Strategic Communications

    “Separation of church and state is under sustained attack by the Trump-Pence administration. I believe this vital constitutional principle deserves nothing less than a full-throttle defense, and I look forward to joining the fight," said Tali Israeli, AU's new strategic communications director.