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  • Ken M'Bale
    Blog Post

    My Work At Americans United Led Me To See The Bladensburg Cross In A New Light

    To my fellow Christians, I’d like to say, please do not take every attempt to enforce church-state separation as an attack on Christianity. It is imperative to be critical of each individual situation and weigh the circumstances surrounding it.
  • Justice Stevens
    Blog Post

    Justice John Paul Stevens Was A Champion Of Church-State Separation

    Justice John Paul Stevens took the position that no American should be forced to pay taxes to support the religion of another. He also understood why government attempts to 'help' religion end up weakening faith groups.
  • Mount Vernon
    Blog Post

    Illinois Town Proclaims It Has No Need For Church-State Separation

    Although the proclamation’s intent is, without doubt, to take a sledgehammer to the separation of church and state mandated by the Constitution, the mayor of Mount Vernon, Ill., felt the need to spell it out so no person could misinterpret the city’s goal.
  • Trump at VVS
    Blog Post

    Religious Right Silence Enables Trump’s Racism

    Religious Right sycophants either overlook his gross antics or find some way to excuse them. No matter what Trump does – whether it’s boasting about sexually assaulting women, selling our nation out to the Russians, cozying up to dictators or lying repeatedly – the Religious Right simply does not care because he delivers for them politically.