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  • William Barr
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    William Barr Wants To Bring ‘God’s Law’ To America

    In a 1995 essay, William Barr asserted, “Traditional Judeo-Christian doctrine maintains that there is a transcendent moral order with objective standards of right and wrong that exists independent of man’s will. This transcendent order flows from God’s eternal law – the divine will by which the whole of creation is ordered.”
  • Emmaus nativity scene
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    Pennsylvania Town Respects Religious Freedom, Removes Nativity Scene From Public Land

    A Pennsylvania town took steps this year to make its public spaces more welcoming to all: Emmaus agreed to remove a Christian nativity scene from the lawn of its publicly owned library. The removal came after Americans United received a local complaint last December and sent Emmaus a letter requesting the library stop displaying the religious scene.
  • My Favorite Group Of Insubordinates
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    My Favorite Group Of Insubordinates

    “Insubordinate” means two things: “not submitting to authority; disobedient” and "not lower.” That AU supporters would be a group of “insubordinates” is really no surprise, given the views of those responsible for the religious freedom protections of our Constitution. Our principle of church-state separation was pioneered by those who wanted to ensure that America gave equal (not lower!) treatment to those who were considered heretical in that time.
  • People walking through snowy trees
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    We Are All Americans United This Season!

    Americans United produced a new video that reflects the spirit of the season – that we are all Americans United. Please watch and share it with your friends and family!