Erika Wright

Erika Wright


Erika is the founder and leader of the Oklahoma Rural Schools Coalition and former member of the Noble Public Schools Board of Education. She is the parent of two children currently in public schools as well as an adult daughter who attended a private Catholic school.

Oklahoma's public schools are among the lowest funded in the nation. Our state cannot afford to divert taxpayer dollars to unconstitutional religious schools. Due to high populations of poverty, rural public schools are more dependent on our state dollars than their suburban counterparts. Our rural schools are particularly vulnerable to the negative impacts of state funding loss. Public schools are the heartbeat of rural culture and public education dollars must be protected for inclusive, accountable public schools that welcome and serve ALL students. Erika Wright, founder and leader of the Oklahoma Rural Schools Coalition

We’re suing to stop Christian Nationalists from creating religious public charter schools

Okla. is violating the separation of church and state by creating the nation’s 1st religious charter school. If we don’t stop them, religious public schools like this could appear in states around the country. Join the fight:

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