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  • DNH briefing
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    Capitol Hill Briefing Outlines Why We Need The Do No Harm Act

    Speakers made the case that RFRA, which was originally intended as a protective measure for religious minority groups, has been misinterpreted and distorted, first by the George W. Bush administration, then the U.S. Supreme Court and, most recently, the Trump Administration.
  • US Supreme Court
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    Supreme Court Says A Cross On Government Land In Maryland Can Stay. What Now?

    Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion leans heavily on history. The cross was erected in 1925 to honor veterans of World War I. In Alito's view, a cross can morph into a non-religious symbol, given enough time.
  • Press Release

    Americans United Condemns U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision To Allow Bladensburg Cross To Remain On Public Land

    “The Supreme Court’s misguided decision to allow government to play favorites and prominently display religious symbols as public war memorials dishonors our country’s veterans and the fundamental principle of religious freedom they fought and died for," said AU President and CEO Rachel Laser. "The towering Bladensburg Cross is an inherently Christian symbol that excludes thousands of non-Christian veterans and ignores the tremendous sacrifices they made."
  • Zachary Freiman
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    Why I’m Excited To Be Interning At Americans United This Summer

    For Americans United intern Zachary Freiman, his Jewish upbringing and his great-grandparents' experience fleeing religious persecution and war in the Russian Empire for the promised religious freedom in America inform his support for the separation of religion and government.