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    NYPD Settles Lawsuit Over Discriminatory Surveillance Of Muslims

    The New York City Police Department has agreed to reform a discriminatory surveillance program that broadly targeted American Muslims based on their religion. Just as it was wrong for the NYPD to use religion to single out Muslims for mistreatment, it is wrong today for the Trump administration to use religion as an excuse to ban Muslims from the United States.
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    In Pennsylvania, Another Culture Warrior Falls

    If you hear constant talk from a politician about “family values,” “traditional morals” and the need to “get back” to when we were a “Christian nation,” be a little skeptical. It could be a mask for something rotten festering just below the surface.  
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    Many Americans Have Been Affected By President Trump’s Muslim Ban. Here Are Some Of Their Stories.

    The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in the Muslim ban case April 25. That’s why this month, we’ve been speaking to Muslims (and those targeted because they’re perceived to Muslim) about how the current political climate is impacting their lives in the United States.
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    Kansas Lawmakers Defeat Plans To Defund Public Schools Through Private School Vouchers

    The Kansas state courts have already ruled that Kansas’ public schools are under-funded. Vouchers would make the situation for public schools even worse, as they would divert the limited existing funds to private schools.