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Public School Proselytizing Prohibited: Federal Appeals Court Rejects New Prayer Scheme

Some people who advocate coercive school prayer are relentless. They’re always coming up with a new scheme to impose their preferred form of worship onto impressionable public school students.

Sometimes they even try to use children to spread religious messages in schools. Yesterday, a federal appeals court put the brakes on this latest effort to compel prayer in schools. Read more

Never Mind!: Emily Litella Joins N.C. Church, Learns About School Prayer

Remember Emily Litella?

Gilda Radner’s hilarious “Saturday Night Live” character was always launching into screeds based on a simple misunderstanding. When informed of her errors, Miss Litella would look into the camera and sheepishly mumble, “Never mind.”

A church in North Carolina just had its own Emily Litella moment. Read more

Lone Star Law Breakers: Texas School Officials Think They Can Ignore Supreme Court Prayer Rulings

There are times when I think we should just round up every church-state attorney we can find, fly them down to Texas and start suing school districts until they behave.

I realize Texas has a tradition of being stubborn – it used to be an independent republic, after all – but things are getting out of hand. Read more

Prayer Puzzlement: After 50 Years, Some Still Misunderstand High Court Prayer Decision

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan attended a fund-raiser in Utah yesterday and was asked about school prayer. His reply was curious.

“That's a constitutional issue of the states, moral responsibility of parents, education,” Ryan said. Read more

Golden Anniversary: The Supreme Court’s Engel Decision Protected Religious Liberty In Public Schools

An important anniversary will be observed on Monday, one that will probably be overlooked but shouldn’t be.

On June 25, 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a crucial church-state ruling in Engel v. Vitale. Although the high court had dealt with other religion-in-public-school controversies, Engel was the first case to deal with official school prayer. Read more

Mississippi Misjudgment : Governor Touts ‘Non-denominational’ Prayer In Public Schools

The Supreme Court ruled against government-sponsored prayer in public schools half a century ago, but some politicians still don’t get it.

In a speech to students on Tuesday,  Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said he fondly remembers organized prayers during his school years and thinks the practice ought to be restored. Read more