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August Recess: Take Action in Your State!

In the month of August, members of Congress leave the District and head back to enjoy summer in their home states. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your U.S. Representative and Senators and let them know how important church-state separation is to you.

AU created an August Recess Action Kit, which includes information about how you can best take action in your home state during this time. Read more

School Vouchers Still Not Working

Legislators around the country continue to push for private school vouchers, despite increasing evidence that they just don’t work. The programs in Wisconsin and Florida have both recently made the news for new and continuing problems.

Poor Academics and Accountability Read more

Religion in Alabama Public Schools

The Alabama legislature discussed two harmful bills yesterday, both of which would result in government promotion of religion in Alabama public schools

Of course, students already have to the right to engage in voluntary, student initiated prayer and religious expression in public schools, making these bills unnecessary. The bills are also harmful because they push for government sponsored and promoted prayer in the public school classrooms, which is not only unconstitutional, but would lead to many students feeling uncomfortable and excluded because of their beliefs. Read more