Youth Organizing Fellowship

The 2020-2021 Youth Organizing Fellows will be announced later this year.

With the separation of religion and government under unprecedented attack, we know how important it is to mobilize now and build a pipeline of leadership to sustain our movement into the future. 

That’s why we’re proud to launch our inaugural Youth Organizing Fellowship, a year-long leadership development program for a nation-wide cohort of ten young people (ages 18-25) to strengthen their organizing skills and lead the movement for separation of religion and government. Fellows will come from across the country and from different backgrounds, be working on a variety of issues that intersect with the separation of religion and government, and have shared values of religious freedom, equality, and social justice. 

The Fellowship kicks off with a convening in Washington, DC this September during which Fellows will get to meet AU and each other, learn new skills, and strategize for the coming year. Then Fellows will continue to meet monthly by video for ongoing training and support while organizing events and campaigns in their communities. Each Fellow will receive a stipend of $900. 

Download this one-pager to learn more about how the Youth Organizing Fellowship is enabling Americans United build power with young people to mobilize for change now and build a pipeline of leadership to sustain our movement into the future.