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Missouri Religious Leaders Demand Abortion Rights

Americans United Celebrates Restoration Of Access To Mifepristone, FDA-Approved Drug Used In Medication Abortions

Americans United celebrates Supreme Court order restoring nationwide access to mifepristone, a safe and effective drug used in medication abortions and miscarriage management. Judge Kacsmaryk’s unprecedented order ignored long-established science and medical guidance to advance the agenda of religious extremists seeking to ban all abortions and force all of us to live according to their narrow beliefs.

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Americans United Urges Supreme Court To Respect Rights Of Coworkers Required To Shoulder Burden Of Others’ Religious Accommodations 

Americans United urges the Supreme Court to respect the rights of coworkers required to shoulder the burden of others’ religious accommodations in the Groff v. DeJoy case, with which Christian Nationalist groups hope to expand special privileges for those who share their narrow religious beliefs – at the cost of everyone else’s religious freedom.


We’re suing to stop Christian Nationalists from creating religious public charter schools

Okla. is violating the separation of church and state by creating the nation’s 1st religious charter school. If we don’t stop them, religious public schools like this could appear in states around the country. Join the fight:

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