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Senate Democrats Urged To Focus On Judicial Nominees

  Senate Democrats Urged To Focus On Judicial Nominees

More than 200 organizations, including Americans Uni­ted, joined together to send a Nov. 7 letter to the Senate Dem­ocratic Caucus highlighting the importance of confirming federal judges committed to civil and human rights.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced 109 judicial nominees, and the full Senate has already confirmed 84 such appointments. However, there are still more than 100 vacancies waiting to be filled. As of mid-November, 25 nominees were awaiting full Senate action, and 12 were awaiting committee votes; at least five more were scheduled to have hearings before the end of the year.

Had Republicans taken control of the Senate during the Nov. 8 elections, the process of confirming federal judges would likely have ground to a halt.

Reads the letter, “We know that there are many pressing issues to address in the coming weeks and months. But we urge you to remember that a judiciary that values and upholds equal justice and the protection of civil rights for all is one of the critical ways we protect and strengthen our democracy. We ask that the confirmation of these experientially and demographically diverse judicial nominees who are committed to our civil and human rights be a top priority.”

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