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Pakistani Man Can’t Be Punished For Discussing Dreams

  Pakistani Man Can’t Be Punished For Discussing Dreams

A court in Pakistan has ruled that a man who reported having dreams with content that some considered blasphemous can’t be punished.

The unnamed man began telling people about dreams in which he could fly; he also said he had seen Muhammad and other Islamic figures during these dreams. A member of the local government in the Mianwali District complained that the man’s dreams were blasphemous and sacrilegious, and sought to have him punished for insulting religion.

Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh of the Lahore High Court rejected the complaint, ruling that the man had done nothing to insult religion, reported a Pakistani news site called Dawn.

Sheikh held that while the man had told several people about his dreams and claimed he had seen God, “Such narration is not an offense under [Pakistan’s laws].”


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