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Ga. Proposes Naming Highway For TV Preacher

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A Georgia state senator has proposed a resolution to rename a state highway for the controversial television evangelist Creflo Dollar.

State Sen. Donzella James (D-Atlanta) told WSBV-TV in Atlanta that she wants to honor Dollar’s work in the local community.

 “It is abundantly fitting and proper that this enduring example of God’s message be recognized by dedicating a road in his honor,” her resolution reads.

James, who recently became a member of Dollar’s World Changers International Church, insisted that she filed the resolution because her constituents requested it. “I would love to see a Creflo Dollar Highway,” she said, adding that Dollar has unfairly been given a bad reputation.

“This is a church that’s doing things in the community to make things better,” she asserted.

Dollar is worth an estimated $27 million and made headlines last year when he attempted to raise money to buy a $65 million luxury private jet. He was also arrested in 2013 for allegedly choking and hitting his teenage daughter. 

James’ resolution (S.R. 805), if passed, would rename Atlanta’s Old National Highway in honor of Dollar. But some residents told WSBV they don’t  support the move.

“Oh, Lord, have mercy, good God almighty, Lord no,” one said. “He’s not meeting the whole community needs in order for this right here to be named after him.”


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