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Canadian Grocer Fined For Opening On Good Friday

  Rob Boston

The owner of a chain of grocery stores in Winnipeg is fighting a $10,000 fine he received for opening one of the stores on Good Friday.

Munther Zeid received the fine after he allowed one of his Foodfare stores to open on the religious holiday. Police said Zeid was in violation of Manitoba’s Retail Business Holiday Closing Act, which mandates that certain shops be closed on several holidays, including Good Friday, reported the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).

Zeid said he plans to fight the fine, arguing that the law is inconsistent. He pointed out that the law allows for some businesses, including casinos, pharmacies, gas stations and marijuana dispensaries, to be open.

 “So what are we promoting?” Zeid asked. “Let’s have a family day by going to the casino, lose our money – then we’ll get drunk to forget about it and maybe get high too at the same time? I think that’s kind of ridiculous.”

Some of Zeid’s customers agreed. “If cannabis stores are open I don’t see why I can’t buy some munchies,” Jason McLean told the CBC.

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