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Arkansas State Senator Seeks ‘Christian Lawmakers’

  Rob Boston

A state senator in Arkansas has sent an email to thousands of other state legislators across the country urging them to join a group he is forming called the National Association of Christian Lawmakers.

Sen. Jason Rapert says his goal is to address “legislative issues from a Judeo-Christian worldview.”

Rapert, a Republican who’s known in Arkansas for his effort to display a Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol in Little Rock, said his goal is to address the “moral decline” of the nation.

“Our founding fathers made four specific references to God in the Declaration of Independence referring to Him as Nature’s God, our Creator, the Supreme Judge of the World and Divine Providence,” Rapert wrote in the email. “The founders hinged their rationale for declaring our independence upon the clear notion that God has given every person natural rights that no man created and no man can take away. Our nation is forgetting this fundamental principle of our American Republic and it is time that we take action before it is too late.”

He added, “My goal is to organize the National Association of Christian Lawmakers to be a functioning legislative organization that has a leadership structure populated by Christian lawmakers on committees from the local, state and federal level.”

Rapert also warned about the rise of non-Christian faiths: “The time is now to take a stand before our Judeo-Christian foundation is forever lost in the nation. Newsweek recently reported on the recent trend of declining Christianity and the rise of the occult in our nation publishing this dire warning: NUMBER OF WITCHES RISES DRAMATICALLY ACROSS U.S. AS MILLENNIALS REJECT CHRISTIANITY.”

Rapert said the group, which has already launched a Facebook page, plans to hold an organizational meeting this year.

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