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Americans United In Action! AU Staff Members And Grassroots Activists Support Separation In Nationwide Events

  Americans United In Action! AU Staff Members And Grassroots Activists Support Separation In Nationwide Events

Americans United staff members and local activists are supporting separation of church and state through a series of lectures, appearances and other events. Due to the pandemic, all are being done remotely.

Here is some information about recent events:

AU President and CEO Rachel Laser appeared on “Advocacy Weekly,” a podcast sponsored by the Minaret Foundation, on April 8. The Foundation exists to encourage American Muslims to take part in civic engagement and supports interfaith cooperation.

On April 17, Laser addressed Americans United’s Orange County, Calif., Chapter on the topic “The Fight For Religious Liberty For All.”

Associate  Vice President and Associate Legal Director Alex J. Luch­enitser took part in a panel discussion titled “Business, Religion and the Pandemic” at Touro Law Center in Central Islip, N.Y., April 9. The event was sponsored by the Business Law Society, the Catholic Law Society and the Health Law Projects at the school.

 Samantha Sokol, AU’s policy advocate, addressed a community college class in the Philadelphia area April 5, focusing on tax funding of religious groups through the Paycheck Protection Program. On April 20, Sokol gave a similar presentation to the South Jersey AU Network.

Litigation Counsel Bradley Girard addressed the Program in Law and Public Affairs at Princeton University March 26. The program brings together undergraduate students who are interested in careers in law and policy. Girard provided an introduction to the work of Americans United, discussed the historical roots of church-state separation and talked about some current issues.

On March 23, AU’s Triad Chapter in North Carolina held an event titled “Talking Across the Fence: Re-thinking the Wall of Separation of Church and State” with Dr. Truman Dunn, a retired Moravian minister and former adjunct professor at Salem College.


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