Come As You Are: No Matter Where You Are In Life, AU Wants To Meet You

  Rob Boston

I’ve been writing blog posts this week about Americans United’s Summit for Religious Freedom (SRF), which took place April 22-24. It really was an amazing event – and I’m not just saying that because I’m on the AU staff!

Here’s a final thought about the event: Several speakers talked about the importance of meeting people where they are. A phrase like that can mean different things to different people, but to me, as a professional communicator, it has always meant that Americans United is ready to talk to you in whatever way is best for you.

So, let’s talk. And you can decide how we do that!

Social Media

Do you enjoy social media? Great, because AU’s TikTok page is exploding in popularity, now approaching 28,000 followers. (I’ve made a few TikTok videos myself, something I never thought I would do. They’re fun!) Some AU supporters love this way of interacting. Come meet us there!

At the same time, our other social media sites are going like gangbusters. Our Twitter page is popular, and you can follow AU on Instagram and Facebook, too.

You can also sign up for AU’s emails at; you’ll get regular updates on church-state separation news and ways you can take action to protect religious freedom.

AU’s Magazine

But what if you prefer more traditional forms of communication, something that’s not pegged to being online? Not a problem! We have you covered. Church & State magazine is published 11 times a year. As a member, you’ll receive a paper copy that gives you all the news about church-state separation and the activities of Americans United.

No matter where you are in life, you have something to contribute. Again, we’ll meet you where you are.

And I think this should be obvious, but just in case, let me remind you that Americans United really means all Americans. Our coalition includes Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Humanists, Atheists, Wiccans, Pagans and a host of others.

If you’d like to get involved, here’s an easy first step: Pledge your commitment to separation of church and state by endorsing AU’s “One Nation, All Beliefs” campaign. So many of our fundamental rights rely on church-state separation, and our new campaign aims to build a national recommitment to that foundational principle.

Americans United has been working for more the 75 years to uphold separation of church and state, the only thing that can ensure freedom of conscience for all. Without church-state separation, America will cease to be America.

This is important and exciting work. We’d love to have you along. Let’s meet up!

Photo: Attendees at SRF. By Lena J. Moreno/CrabTown Media

Congress needs to hear from you!

Urge your legislators to co-sponsor the Do No Harm Act today.

The Do No Harm Act will help ensure that our laws are a shield to protect religious freedom and not used as a sword to harm others by undermining civil rights laws and denying access to health care.

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