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Join Us For A Special Post-Election Analysis Featuring Three Experts From Americans United

  Rob Boston

The dust from the midterm elections is still settling, but we can begin discussing what the results mean and where we go from here. How will the changing political landscape affect church-state separation and religious freedom – and the issues that depend on them, like LGBTQ+ equality, reproductive rights, protecting public schools and more?

To answer those questions, Americans United is hosting a special free webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 16, from 7:30-8:30 EST.

During “Midterm Elections: What Happened? What’s Next?,” attendees will hear analysis from three AU experts: President and CEO Rachel Laser, Vice President of Public Policy Maggie Garrett and Vice President of Strategic Communications Andrew L. Seidel. The webinar will be hosted by Vice President for Outreach & Engagement Brian Silva.

This webinar is part of our upcoming Summit for Religious Freedom (SRF), April 22-24, 2023, in Washington, D.C., or virtually. Part of what makes SRF different is the continuous programming that accompanies it, including free webinars like these. In the future these webinars will only be available to SRF registrants, but to celebrate SRF’s inaugural year, we’re inviting everyone to join this kickoff event! These webinars give a great example of some of the outstanding programming you can experience at SRF.

Don’t miss this informative event! Register here and join us Nov. 16! If the time or date isn’t convenient for you, please register anyway – a  recording will be provided for all who register but can’t attend.

And if you like what you hear, join us for SRF in April – the early-bird discount period ends on Nov. 21!

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