Religious and Racial Equality

On This Day Of Action, Help Americans United Pass The Do No Harm Act

  Rob Boston

As part of Americans United’s National Advocacy Summit, we are rallying today to press Congress to pass the Do No Harm Act.

This critical legislation will make changes to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a 1993 law that was intended to protect religious minorities but that has been misinterpreted by federal courts to allow religious freedom to be misused in ways that harm others.

The Do No Harm Act will restore RFRA to its original intent by making it clear that RFRA cannot be used to allow for discrimination or harm. The Do No Harm Act will protect the rights of women, LGBTQ people, religious minorities and others in cases like health care, employment discrimination and access to government-funded services. More than 200 members of the House of Representatives and 30 in the Senate are co-sponsoring the bill.

Many Summit attendees today are virtually visiting members of Congress and their staffs to express their support for the Do No Harm Act. Even if you aren’t signed up for virtually lobbying with AU, you can still take action to show your support for the Do No Harm Act.

This special section of AU’s site has toolkits you can use to take action to support the Do No Harm Act, such as by posting about it on social media. writing a letter to the editor and using a convenient form that makes it possible for you to contact your members of Congress.

Check out these resources and help AU make the Do No Harm Act law!


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