A declaration of truth for Independence Day

The Declaration of Independence is sometimes cited by advocates of the ‘Christian nation’ myth to buttress their claims. But it just doesn’t work, especially when you consider the text of the document.

Living as our authentic selves means not being boxed in

I am proud to lead Americans United because the separation of religion and government allows people of all religious beliefs, the nonreligious, and all of us who do not pass one religion’s litmus test to be ourselves, no matter our religion, race, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Louisiana Ten Commandments Lawsuit Exclusive Webinar Discussion

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Learn how Americans United and our allies are challenging Christian Nationalist threats in Louisiana after Gov. Jeff Landry signed a law that requires all public K-12 schools, colleges and universities to display the Ten Commandments in every single classroom. The panel explained our strategy for keeping Louisiana public schools inclusive for all students and share our next steps in this fight.

“Christian Nationalism: American Democracy’s Looming Threat” Exclusive Webinar Discussion

The separation of church and state allows us to come together, despite our differences, to forge a stronger democracy. It protects freedom and equality for all. But emboldened Christian Nationalists have launched a frenzied assault on this foundational principle in their crusade to force everyone to live by their beliefs. Watch this timely discussion about why the looming threat of Christian Nationalism means that it has never been more crucial to uphold church-state separation and protect our democracy.

Beware of those who don’t want you to learn

What we need to focus on – and confront – is what Harrison Butker represents: the forces in this country that seek to squelch access to knowledge or would advise people not to use what they’ve learned, because they fear it is in conflict with a narrow, fundamentalist worldview where powerful men just happen to call all the shots.

Christian Nationalists would deny your story – so tell it all the louder

Trans women at Pride

Christian Nationalists tell an inaccurate, exclusionary story about America – one that denies the stories of racial and religious minorities, LGBTQ+ people, women, progressive Christians, nonbelievers, and many others. That’s why it’s all the more important to make sure your story is heard.

N.C. voucher school embraces controversial ‘Seven Mountains’ theology

The “Seven Mountains” movement is an extreme form of theology whereby “dominionist” Christians – that is to say, literal theocrats – work to take over American society by seizing control of seven key institutions: family, education, media, government, business, arts/entertainment and religion

Chaplains don’t belong in public schools

Chaplains have a wholly religious function. They exist to provide spiritual, faith-based guidance. Their presence in public schools violates the constitutional prohibition on religious coercion.

Public education is under attack. Show your support during Public Schools Week.

Public schools are open to and must serve all students. Our public schools educate every child who comes through their front doors, regardless of economic status, disability, religion, race, ethnicity, English fluency, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status, family status or any other personal characteristic.

“God & Country” Exclusive Webinar Discussion

An exclusive, behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the documentary “God & Country.” Based on author Katherine Stewart’s book The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism, “God & Country” looks at the implications of Christian Nationalism and how it distorts not only our constitutional republic but Christianity itself.

AU’s Top Ten of 2023: Exposing the Shadow Network of Christian Nationalists

Exposing the Shadow Network

Americans United has ramped up our efforts to expose the Shadow Network – a billion-dollar, clandestine web of Christian Nationalist organizations, conservative billionaires and powerful political allies at all levels of government working to upend democracy and equality by undermining the separation of church and state.

Reproductive rights won big last night

Americans can see what lurks behind the desire to control our reproductive lives – a putrid cocktail of religious extremism, puritanical zealotry and Christian Nationalism.

AU Student Contest high school and college video winners

AU Student Contest 2023 video winners

These six entries were the winning videos submitted by high school and college students in Americans United’s 2023 AU Student Contest, which asked high school and college students to reflect on their vision for church-state separation.

The Bard banned: Fla. schools consider ejecting Shakespeare

Shakespeare's plays

The works of Shakespeare may run afoul of Florida’s infamous Parental Rights in Education Law, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law, which requires school districts to discontinue the use of classroom materials deemed to contain “sexual conduct” that is “inappropriate or unsuitable.”