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Pa. Jewish Family Center Of Viral Story About Canceled Christmas Play

A Jewish family in Pennsylvania became the focus of unwelcome attention after a Christmas play was canceled at their child’s school – and some people falsely blamed them.

The parents in September sought and were given permission for their fifth-grader to be excused from participating in a production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” which Centerville Elementary School in Lancaster County had produced for at least two decades, according to the news websites and

Fake ‘War On Christmas’ May Have Spurred Trump’s Presidential Run

Why did Donald Trump, a real estate mogul and reality TV star with no political experience, decide to run for president?

We have no shortage of theories. Some say Trump wanted free publicity to boost his sagging personal brand. Others assert it was all a stunt to launch a new cable TV channel. Still others insist Trump jumped in to shake things up and have a little fun, never expecting to actually win the Republican nomination.

Now Trump’s son Eric has put forth a new theory: His father was upset because the White House Christmas tree was renamed a “holiday tree.”

Ark. County Pays Fees To Nativity Plaintiffs

Baxter County, Ark., officials must pay more than $52,000 in legal fees to attorneys who challenged its refusal to allow a local humanist group to erect a holiday display.

U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks ruled that attorneys affiliated with the American Humanist Association (AHA) are entitled to the fees, reported the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Legal Lesson: Texas Lt. Gov. Is Clueless About American History And The First Amendment

It seems Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has a poor understanding of both American history and the First Amendment. So let’s take a few moments to educate him.

In a recent viewpoint piece published by the San Antonio Express-News, Patrick attempted to argue that religious freedom is under attack in the United States, which is contradictory to America’s “Christian nation” roots.

‘War’ Correspondence: Almost Half Of Americans Say They Prefer Secular Greetings Rather Than ‘Merry Christmas’

A new poll reveals that the Religious Right was correct all along about the “war on Christmas.”

Just kidding.

The far right invented the “war” years ago out of fears that the holiday was supposedly too secular or commercialized. And while larger numbers of Americans are celebrating Christmas without overt religious components, the vast majority still partake in some sort of sectarian activity as part of the holiday.

Bogus Battle

Henry Ford, the famed industrialist and notorious anti-Semite, once pontificated that Jews were ruining Christmas.

“The whole record of the Jewish opposition to Christmas...shows the venom and directness of [their] attack,” Ford carped in an early 1920s work he titled The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.

The automaker went on to detail various localized Jewish “attacks” against the popular holiday.

Buzzed Over Coffee: Cup Flap An Opening Shot From The Religious Right

On my way to board a plane for a recent West Coast visit, I stopped at a Starbucks for a very late lunch. This was just one day after the story broke about the coffee giant’s shocking decision to alter its cups during the holiday season.

Starbucks cups in previous Novembers and Decembers were red but included snowflakes, reindeers and ornaments. Now they are just red, sans any symbols. This has annoyed some Religious Right activists – “war on Christmas,” you see.