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Proselyting Punted: UConn Coach Who Promised To Bring Jesus Into The Huddle Has Resigned

It seems Jesus won’t be joining the football team at the University of Connecticut after all.

This week, UConn Head Coach Bob Diaco announced that one of his newly hired assistants, Ernest T. Jones, will resign from the team before coaching a single game at the university. Read more

Huddling With Jesus?: UConn Football Coach Says Players Must Accept Christ To Succeed

A position coach for the University of Connecticut’s football team said he intends to add a new “superstar” recruit to the Huskies’ squad: Jesus Christ.  

UConn, which is a public institution, recently hired Ernest T. Jones to serve as the team’s running backs coach and also as its director of “player engagement.” Since nobody would know what “player engagement” means without an explanation, Jones was kind enough to clarify. Read more

Push Back At Notre Dame: Federal Court Rejects University’s Attack On Contraceptive Access

If you’ve been following the news, you know that secular, for-profit corporations like Hobby Lobby have been challenging the contraceptive mandate that the Department of Health and Human Services has interpreted to be part of the Affordable Care Act. Read more

Americans United Seeks To Intervene In Notre Dame Lawsuit Challenging Women's Access To Birth Control

Church-State Watchdog Group Asks Federal Court To Allow It To Represent Students Who Want Contraceptive Access

Americans United for Separation of Church and State last night filed a legal motion with a federal court seeking permission to intervene on behalf of three University of Notre Dame students who want to ensure that their health-care plan includes access to contraceptives. The students lack the financial means to purchase contraception on their own.
  Read more

Electioneering Error: Religious Right Is Missing The Point On Bishop Jenky’s Campaign Intervention

As usual, Religious Right leaders are confused. This time it seems that a lot of our opponents don’t understand why Americans United reported the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, Ill., to the Internal Revenue Service for illegal church politicking.

Let me explain. Read more