Title VII

On October 8, 2019, the Supreme Court heard arguments for three cases that could significantly impact the rights of LGBTQ people for years to come. In each case, an employee was fired because their boss learned that they were either gay or transgender. The Supreme Court will decide if firing people for their gender identity and/or sexual orientation violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in employment. 

On their face these cases are about employment discrimination, but the outcome could have very real consequences in many important areas of life including housing, health care, education and credit.

Much of the bias that LGBTQ people experience on a daily basis is deeply rooted in a strict obedience to a narrow set of religious beliefs. No one’s rights should be determined by someone’s religious views, because discrimination is not religious freedom. 

AU joined many other organizations for a Supreme Court rally to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community. AU CEO Rachel Laser spoke at the rally - watch the video below to hear her speech! 

America is a diverse nation, governed by our shared secular laws, which means we cannot give special privileges or exceptions to some religious groups while causing harm to others. Regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision, it’s imperative that Congress pass the Equality Act to address the significant gaps in federal civil rights laws and improve protections for everyone.