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Teacher Terminated: University Prof Who Complained About Crosses Is Out Of A Job

When Sissy Bradford stood up for the Constitution, she was rewarded with intimidation and death threats. 

Bradford, an adjunct criminology professor at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, complained in 2011 about a taxpayer-funded tower featuring four Christian crosses being built near the entrance to the campus. The tower was on private land, but it was built with city funds, featured the university seal and was on track to someday become the property of the public school.

Crossed Off: Texas University Removes Religious Symbol From Tower After AU Protest

Thanks in part to a demand letter from Americans United, four crosses have been removed from a tower on the new Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus.

On Nov. 17, AU sent a letter to San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and City Manager Sheryl Scully, as well as Texas A&M University-San Antonio President Maria Hernandez Ferrier, explaining that even though the Christian symbols were on private land, the project was funded by the public. The letter also pointed out that the developer planned to one day gift the tower to the city.