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Trouble In Tennessee: Gov. Haslam, Please Stand Up For The Constitution And Veto These Bad Bills

The wall of separation between church and state is under tremendous fire in Tennessee, and we are asking Gov. Bill Haslam to help us defend it.

The state legislature has passed three measures that undermine religious liberty in public schools, and they are now sitting on the governor’s desk. One promotes creationist concepts in science classes, another allows teachers to participate in student-led religious activities and a third allows Ten Commandments displays at public schools and other public buildings.

Commandments Crusade: La. Parish Ignores Court Rulings, Pushes Religious Display

Some people just have to learn everything the hard way.

According to a Louisiana newspaper, the Rapides Parish Police Jury has voted 8-1 to put the Ten Commandments on courtroom walls. (A police jury is what the people in some parts of Louisiana call their county council; its members are elected by the voters.)

The jury approved a motion to display the Decalogue, despite a strong warning from jury legal counsel.