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Anti-Gay Christian Group Speaks At Iowa Public School Assemblies

An anti-gay fundamentalist Christian group successfully infiltrated an Iowa public high school assembly a few months ago – a move that angered some parents.

Last spring, the Todd Becker Foundation (TBF) gave a presentation during the school day to Logan-Magnolia Junior/Senior High School in Logan about the dangers of drinking and driving. That lecture cost the school $1,500, money that school Superintendent Tom Ridder felt was well spent.  

Slowly Back Away From The Microphone: Wash. Student Penalized For Disruptions, Not Preaching

A high school student has filed suit against the Everett, Wash., school district, claiming that the administrators of Everett High School unfairly suspended for proselytizing to his classmates. Michael Leal has retained the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), a Religious Right legal outfit, to defend his case.

Flippin, AR

The Flippin School District required all middle- and high-school students to attend an assembly featuring a group of former athletes calling themselves Crossfire. The group described their personal salvation through Jesus Christ and invited the students to an after-school religious event. AU objected to this assembly, explaining that it is unconstitutional for the school to allow outsiders to proselytize students or use a school assembly to invite students to a religious event.

School District Agrees With AU That It Must Take Steps to Ensure No More Religious Assemblies - Denton, TX

A public school hosted an assembly featuring a religious group known as Team Impact. Although the in-school presentation was secular, the group used the assembly to invite students to a religious after-school event. AU wrote to the school district to explain that it is unconstitutional for the school to allow Team Impact to use a school event to invite students to a religious activity. The school district agreed with our assessment, and has spoken with the principal of the school to ensure that this does not happen again.