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Vote Fraud: Coercive Prayer Is Wrong Even If Students Vote For It

Does the majority rule when it comes to religion in public schools? A West Texas public school official seems to think so.

Greg Nelson is in his first year as principal of Odessa High School. The Odessa American said that at Nelson’s last job, assistant principal of Permian High School, seniors voted on whether or not they wanted to have prayers at graduation.

When Nelson switched schools, he brought the voting system with him, the newspaper said.

Lone Star Law Breakers: Texas School Officials Think They Can Ignore Supreme Court Prayer Rulings

There are times when I think we should just round up every church-state attorney we can find, fly them down to Texas and start suing school districts until they behave.

I realize Texas has a tradition of being stubborn – it used to be an independent republic, after all – but things are getting out of hand.