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Calif. Archdiocese Must Face Sexual Harassment Suit

A federal court has ruled that a former biology teacher may sue the San Francisco Roman Catholic Archdiocese over the sexual harassment she endured at one of its schools. U.S. District Court Judge William H. Orrick found that Kimberly Bohnert had “a triable case” against the archdiocese for its alleged failure to address the harassment.

Broken Record: Boehner Wants To Cut All Social Programs – Except School Vouchers, Except School Vouchers, Except School Vouchers….

When House Speaker John Boehner flew to Nashville to speak to the National Religious Broadcasters a few days ago, he sounded a familiar refrain.

Lamenting that the national debt is now over $14.1 trillion, he told the TV preachers, “In other words, we're broke. Broke, going on bankrupt…. Here we must speak the truth.  Yes, this level of debt is unsustainable.  It is also immoral.”

It’s a sermon theme that the Ohio congressman has sounded on more than one occasion.