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AU Gets School to Remove Religious Content From Assembly - Douglas, GA

AU received a complaint regarding a planned public-school assembly featuring Dean Sikes, an evangelical pastor who speaks at schools around the South. His presentations commonly feature proselytizing and religious messages, so AU wrote to school officials to alert them to this pattern and to caution them not to allow Sikes to proselytize students. School officials agreed, and our complainant reported that there was no religious content in the assembly.

Minding The Mentors: Wash. State School Restricts Proselytizing By Volunteers

A public school in Washington state has decided to stop school volunteers from proselytizing while on campus.

It's an overdue policy -- and the subject of one of my blogs from months ago. We'd like to commend officials at the Marysville School District for responding to complaints from concerned parents and taking this step in the right direction.

Brittany Bombs: Court Pulls Plug On Nevada Senior's Graduation-Sermon Lawsuit

Britney Spears' "Circus" tour is just getting under way. Brittany McComb's tour through the federal court system is about to come to an end.

In 2006, McComb made national headlines with her high school valedictorian speech.

As the Nevada senior began to tell her fellow graduates how God's "love is something that we all desire, it's unprejudiced, it's merciful, it's free, it's real, it's huge, it's everlasting.... God's love is so great that He gave up His only son," school officials pulled the plug on her microphone.