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Teaching, Not Preaching

Faith Ed.: Teaching About Religion In An Age Of Intolerance by Linda K. Wertheimer, Beacon Press, 196 pp.

When Church & State covers religion in public schools, we’re usually telling you about a constitutional violation. From school-sponsored prayer at football games to creationism in science classes, some public education officials too often promote one religion to the exclusion of all others. Often, it’s necessary to file suit to get schools to comply with the law.

Ariz. Public Charter School Must Stop Promoting Religion In Government Classes, Americans United Says

Heritage Academy In Mesa Teaches Religion Instead of Civics, Says Church-State Watchdog

An Arizona public charter school violated the First Amendment when it assigned a textbook that promotes religion to students in government classes, Americans United for Separation of Church and State says.
In a letter sent today to officials at Heritage Academy in Mesa, Americans United explains that a text used in the school’s mandatory senior government/U.S.

Religious Schools And Bias: America Must Not Vouch For Parochial Discrimination

As if there aren’t already enough reasons why public funds should never support religious education – here are just a few more.

Reason No. 793: NBC’s Today Show recently interviewed a Florida teacher who said she was fired by a Christian school after school officials learned she became pregnant before her marriage.

Troubling Textbooks: Why Vouchers Would Force You To Subsidize Hate

An Islamic school in Virginia has made some changes to its textbooks in an effort to tamp down criticism, the Associated Press has reported.

The Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria has been under fire for years because some of the books used at the private school promote extremely strict interpretations of Islam and are highly critical of other faiths.