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Bradlee Dean Blowback: Junkyard Prophet Ordered To Pay Up

Last year, Larry Klayman, an attorney for hateful fundamentalist preacher Bradlee Dean, boldly announced that the career of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow “is over.”

Not quite.

Maddow’s show is still popular, and Dean’s defamation lawsuit against her and the Minnesota Independent doesn’t seem to be going well. Read more

'Family' Values?: Secretive C Street Band Is Wild And (Not So) Innocent

An otherwise non-descript house at 133 C St. S.E., in Washington, D.C., is getting a lot of attention lately. Last week I swung by to take a look at it myself.

What did I see? Not much. It's a red brick house with an American flag unfurled above the door and well-maintained shrubbery in the yard. So why all the fuss? Read more