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Anti-Feminist Religious Right Figure Phyllis Schlafly Dies At Age 92

Phyllis Schlafly, a longtime Religious Right activist who successfully led the effort to stop the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s and who advocated “traditional” roles for women in American society, died Sept. 5 at age 92.

Although best known for her role in blocking the ERA, Schlafly had a long career in the far right and over the years took on a range of “culture war” issues. Through her group the Eagle Forum, she was especially active in recent years opposing the expansion of rights for LGBTQ Americans.

The Final Repudiation Of Phyllis Schlafly

Last night around 9:40 I received an email with a curious subject line. “The Greatest American Woman, R.I.P.,” it read.

“Who could that be?” I wondered as I opened the message. Came the answer: Phyllis Schlafly.

“Today, Phyllis Schlafly died like she lived – with dignity and a smile,” wrote Ed Martin, president of the Eagle Forum, a group Schlafly founded. “Surrounded by her family, Phyllis passed away and entered her reward with the Lord. Her family, friends and staff will miss her. Her nation will be eternally grateful.”

The Eagle Has Crash Landed

In December of 2005, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III struck down a policy in the Dover, Pa., public school district that was designed to promote “intelligent design” creationism.

Religious Right warhorse Phyllis Schlafly was not happy.

Schlafly, noting that Jones was appointed to the federal bench by President George W. Bush, opined that his ruling was a type of betrayal.

The Young And The Restless: Religious Right Millennials Gird For Battle

I endured my second Values Voter Summit over the weekend, and as my colleague Rob Boston shared with you yesterday, it was an interesting time.

Like Rob, I was subjected to some crazy Religious Right rants and raves. But it doesn't upset me that much any more. After all, I've read or heard most of them before, and the majority of the Summit speakers are older and ultra-conservative. I practically expect them to be backward.

Friday Frolic: A Selection Of Church-State Nuggets From Around The Web

Every day, Americans United staff members read numerous secular and religious publications, check out TV and radio preachers and drop by various Religious Right Web sites and other sources. We monitor the theocrats, so you don't have to. (No, there's no need to thank us.)

Here's a roundup of some recent tidbits you might have missed:

The 'Con-Con' Con: We Don't Need To Rewrite The Bill Of Rights

You might not have noticed it, but yesterday was Bill of Rights Day. It's an easy event to overlook because it's not as though throngs of people took to the streets to celebrate. My desk calendar doesn't even mention the day, although every Oct. 16 I am reminded that it's National Boss Day.

It would be odd to celebrate the Bill of Rights by trashing it. Yet that could happen if Congress is forced to convene a Constitutional Convention. Known informally as a "con-con," such an event would essentially throw the Constitution up for a rewrite. This is a bad idea.