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Nessie Nixed: Fundamentalist Biology Textbook Publisher Drops Claim That Scottish Lake Monster Is Real

Pity the poor Loch Ness Monster! Not only has he (or she) been reportedly stuck in that gloomy, cold lake for decades, now the beastie has been unceremoniously tossed out of a leading creationist biology book – at least in the European edition. Read more

Vouchers Vanquished!: La. High Court Strikes Down Jindal Scheme To Fund Religious Schools

Americans United has been critical of Louisiana lately, chiding legislators for promoting creationism and official school prayer, so when something good happens in the Pelican State, we should point it out. Read more

Weird Science: Taxpayer-Funded Religious Schools In Louisiana Teach Monstrously Bad Biology

I sometimes wonder if Louisiana is on some sort of crusade to be declared the silliest state in America.

We’ve written before on this blog about Louisiana’s new voucher program that will direct taxpayer funds to private religious schools of dubious worth, including one school that uses DVDs to educate children and has great plans to expand “on faith.” Read more