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Friday Night Liturgy: Many High School Football Coaches Push Prayer On Players

It’s no secret that faith is a big part of football in certain regions of the United States, but a Tennessee newspaper has just shed some light on the extent to which prayer is intertwined with many public school football programs.

In a poll conducted by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, all 32 coaches at public schools in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia who responded to the survey identify as Christian and said they support team prayer in some form.

Three Cheers For Religious Liberty: Forcing Your Faith Onto Others Isn’t ‘Freedom’

Religious freedom need not be a complicated concept. You can believe what you like. You have the right to worship the god (or gods) of your choice – or worship no god at all if you like.

The problem is, some people are never satisfied with exercising that private right. They demand that they be allowed to use government channels to impose what they believe on others.

Give Me A ‘U’ (For Unconstitutional): Texas Cheerleaders Fight To Display Bible Verses At Football Games

A squad of Texas high school cheerleaders deserves a Bronx cheer for disrespecting church-state separation. 

The cheerleaders at Kountze High School in Kountze, Texas, (about 90 miles northeast of Houston) had been using banners with Bible verses to motivate the football team during games. School administrators, however, received an anonymous complaint and rightly ordered the practice stopped.